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Kim Ratliff, Artist, Author, Illustrator

Aloha! I have been Instructing with MTM since 2013 but painting my whole life. I have a BS in Graphic Design and taught GD at High School level. I enjoyed Volunteering Art lessons for my sons' schools, truly enjoy teaching art, interacting with the painters/students, and witnessing peoples joy, and Aha! moments. I also make my own art posted in my gallery on my website consisting of Acrylic on Canvas and Water colors. It's new so keep checking for new things and my shows. I hope you find something you like.  Mahalo!

Goings On and my Whereabouts

Check out/Purchase my Children's Book: Seoul Finds Her Talent

Commissions, Originals and prints of my Fine Art works and a fun

Korean Lifestyle Collection: KCB @

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